New & exciting PC Gadgets

Every time we go to the market we find new and exciting PC Gadgets. Below gadgets are available in the market and are really very interesting.

Vioguard UVKB50 – self-sanitizing keyboard


People who have a phobia of germs and are always wearing gloves because they do not want to come in contact with unwanted germs, here is a keyboard just for this type.

Vioguard UVKB50 has an automatic disinfection mode. It has a 50W UV light source and automatically floods the keyboard with germicidal light after every use without the involvement of the user.

The 50W UV light source used in UKVB50 eliminates upto 99.9% of the known pathogens from the keyboard but this cleanliness comes at a price.

Vioguard UKVB50 costs good $899.00. I would rather keep a normal keyboard, buy a medicated soap and wash my hands every time I use the keyboard.

Delock USB microscope


When I was in school, I used a microscope in Chemistry laboratory. Back then microscopes were big and heavy but now time has come when Delock has launched a handy USB2.0 microscope. This microscope can take snapshots and also capture time lapsed videos. It has a built in LED illumination and can zoom into objects from 34x to 207x. Because of its small size and light weight the microscope is very easy in its application, according to its manufacturer.

USB Speedometer: Check your typing speed


Some people love to drive fast, other like to run fast and there are others who like to type fast. For the people falling in the last category here is a device you would love most. Now you can type fast and measure the speed as well with this USB Speedometer.

It can help you keep track of your typing speed or help you increase your speed by constantly telling you your speed. It gives the speed in words per minute format.

It measure the words typed per minute, the total word counter and also has a keystroke per minute counter.

Digiscribble Converts Your Handwriting to Digital Text


Every time I go to a meeting and have to make notes I use a paper and pen where as I prefer to use my notebook but because my typing speed is not fast I have to use the conventional means. Comes back and type everything once again.

Now when I read about this gadget, I was too happy to know that something exists that can solve the problem of doing the work twice. Digiscribble is a gadget that learns to read the users hand writing and converts it into typed text. It comes with a remote device which is placed on top of the paper. It allows the user to write up to 50 pages of text on A4 paper size. It remembers everything that we write. The software of Digiscribble converts the notes into text on the computer. It is also compatible with Microsoft Office.

One can also save the data from the remote device on a CD or DVD. It does not only recognize English language but also captures 14 other languages. The pen can be used as a mouse.

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