music Search made easy with Google Music


In cyberspace, music is one of the most popular searches whether the search is for band or an album or the lyrics. About 20% of the top searches belong to music. For all music fans, great news is that gone are those days when people used to spend hours to search for their favorite band and particular album songs and still end up getting nothing or getting all paid stuff ;-). Here is a break, the cool feature of the new search is the free access to streaming audio version of the songs.

A lyrics tool is also integrated in Google music. Here is a scenario, you are driving a car while listening to the radio. You hear a song which you liked, just type a few words of it in the search bar, click search button and voila ! Band, Album, singer and the song — all will be there for you to explore.

There are handful of partners with Google for music search. These are imeem, lala, pandora, EMI, Sony Music, Universal Music Group and WB. In the following video, the music search is explained in a nut shell. Have a look !

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