Most popular iPhone Gadgets

iPhone has been the most popular computing device since its launch. It has also encouraged others to participate and develop more gadgets to make this device extraordinary.

Below are some most popular iPhone gadgets available in the market:

Vuzix Wrap 310 – video eyewear


Vuzix Wrap 310 is an eye wear compatible with any TV, UMPC, PMP, DVD/Blue-ray player, iPod and iPhones. It consists of dual 428×240 LCD display which gives the impression as if a 55” screen is being viewed from 10 feet(3Mtrs). To reduces the noice from the surrounding and to help enjoy the video to the fullest it includes removable noise isolating earphones.

It has 24 bit true colours and 60 Hz progressive scan update rate and 26 degree diagonal field of view. To improve the image, brightness, colour and contrast can also be adjusted.

It works with both 2D and 3D movies and videos.

TDK TH-WR700 wireless headphones


TDK has just introduced to the market, new wireless headphones. TH-WR700 uses the Kleer technology.

It comes with a transmitter which has to be co0nnected to the base set. It can be connected to any device with a 3.5 jack connector. It uses a 2.4 GHz band to send 16 bit/44.1 KHz radio signal to the headphones. The transmitter can send signals to upto four receivers at a time with in a listening radius of 10 meters. Frequency response is 20 Hz to 20kHz. The headphones need AA batteries giving it 40 hours of life.

Yamaha TSX-W80 and TSX-70 – iPhone docking alarm clocks


Japan has been the hub of technology for sometime now. All of the technology giants sitting there give to the markets something new every now and then. This time it is Yamaha with iPod Speaker Dock. TSX-W80 and TSX-70 has a 2.1 channel speaker system is packed with 4Wx2 stereo output and 8W 75 Hz – 20 Khz Subwoofer.

The device has a LCD display with a built in light sensor that can adjust the light according to the surrounding and also give the option to adjust it manually. It also has a built-in AM/FM tuner and an alarm clock along with other clock and radio functions.

Amongst the two models TSX-W80 has an added feature. it gives the option to stream high quality music from a remote dock from an iPod or iPhone using the Air-Wire technology of lossless technology.

Both the models include a small remote control as well.

Apple new iPhone 3G projector


Having an iPhone with a larger inbuilt memory is great but it is not always desired to watch the saved videos or movies on the tiny screen of your iPhone. You do not need to worry anymore. Here is a projector that will resolve this problem. It has a dock and lets the user plug in and projects the videos on any plane surface. It has the ability to expand he image from 15” to 27”. It also has a set of 2W stereo speakers so that video experience is made complete.

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