LUXA2 M4 mAC cooler – Smart and efficient


Snap: M4 (mac cooler)Smaller is better

A few weeks back, I was reading a news article stating that studies by researchers at the State University of New York have shown that using laptop on the lap creates serious health problems. Well that’s enough information for anyone to stop putting laptop on a lap.

The cause of the problem is the heat that laptops produce. The remedy here is of course a cooler for a laptop. Most of these cooler accessories are large in size and don’t suit a laptop but good news for Apple MAC users since LUXA2 has rolled out its MAC accessory named as ‘M4’ MAC Cooler whose sole purpose is to keep the MAC cool while you do your work without paying attention to the harmful heat.


Snap: LUXA2 M4 (mac cooler) attached to Apple MAC

M4 takes power from a USB port. Yes, you are thinking right, you will loose one port for this gadget. If you are worried enough, why not try out Super USB hub? OR Charge Pod? That will surely give you a relief over less number of USB ports. M4 has been crafted with Swarvoski crystals which make it look stylish. It costs $49.99 which isn’t bad for a gadget like this.

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