Light Touch fills color to virtual interfaces


Image: Light Touch Projector

Did you ever hear about a company called ‘Light Blue Optics’? Probably not! Companies like this add value to the market place in a colorful fashion. You surely will be following me on that after reading about the product they have recently launched called ‘Light Touch’, a projector that transforms almost any surface to an interactive screen. It works similar to the wireless keyboard. It allows you to interact with the interface just like you do with your hand-held devices like IPHONE and IPOD TOUCH.

Using an HLP (Holographic Laser Projection) technology, it creates images with high resolution and translates the touch with an infrared sensing system. It comes with a Bluetooth allowing the user to connect to internet and use any service like Twitter. The first image the device makes is a reel of icons featuring different categories like Videos, photos, games etc and one can navigate through it just as we do on IPHONE.

It can also connect to a TV and other devices but no details on that right now. A limited amount of on-board memory (only 2GB) gave us a setback; however, one can compensate it by using a MicroSD card slot which will provide an external memory of 32GB. But with a device like this, surely 32GB won’t give you a good cover. You may try Wireless Storage if it works with it. If anyone uses the wireless storage with Light Touch, we would like to hear the results.

The applications for this product would be enormous and surely interesting! The following snaps gives us a peep into what the company is targeting the product for:

Light-Touch-Used-in-boutique   Light-Touch-Used-in-group-presentations

Light-Touch-Used-in-Playing-Games  Light-Touch-Projector-Used-in-Restaurants

Images: Applications for Light Touch

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