Let your friends hear your iPad stuff loud with i-Luv iSP150 speaker


i-Luv is a company which is quite popular for their audio and speaker systems. Currently, they are also offering many iPad accessories like leather covers, laptop sleeves, silicon cases etc.

Supporting 3.5mm jack socket, i-Luv iSP150 can be used for any portable device like laptop, iPod, iPhone, iPad etc but the target audience of this speaker is mostly iPad buyers.

i-Luv speaker also know as iSP150 is powered by two pair of AAA batteries. It delivers high quality and clear sound. The speaker bar is a light weight and portable device which makes it a perfect gadget to take along with you while traveling. I-Luv has a built-in power switch and a volume control. If you don’t want to waste AAA battery, you can power it on it via USB port.

Here is the summary of iSP150 specs.

·Ideal for iPad, iPhone, iPod, laptops, and other portable audio devices with 3.5mm jack
·Powerful built-in speakers allow you to hear your music with depth and clarity
·Fully mobile; perfect for travel
·Supports 2 power sources
  – USB (5V DC)
  – 4 x AAA batteries
·Built-in power switch and volume control

It can be purchased at a price of $34.99.


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