Left your mobile phone at home? Here is a solution!


One of my Chinese friends forgets a lot; usually he forgets his phone at home while in a rush to go to the office. However, I was amazed when yesterday he called me and told me about the new application which he has bought allowing him to see miscalls and text messages from internet even if his mobile phone rests at home. How amazing, right? The software seems to work similar to IHOUND software which is used to retrieve the phone in case it is lost.

The application has an easy to use GUI; you need to create online account and after your account has been made, input the account information in the mobile application and that’s all. You will be able to monitor your phone with online application. The information which you can retrieve from the phone includes remaining battery, Missed Calls and Text messages. Now the most useful part, you can not only see but respond to the miss calls and messages as well by typing in a response and sending it to the caller.


Not all the people forget! Many times, people are busy enough to miss a call and in that case it is best to respond with some text stating that you are away and will contact back in a while. This software gives you an extra advantage by providing this feature. You can fix a text to be sent against each miss call.

Right now, the software is compatible with Windows Mobile only. At the time of this writing, there are news that developers are working fast to make it available for other platforms as well and not only that, they are very keen to add new features to it. So, in near future we can expect some new versions of this software offering much more.

The point which made me concern is the security of such a software tool for example, the messages and miss call numbers might be too personal or important and in that case it doesn’t seem reliable solution to put your personal messages to risk by uploading it to the website. Developers of the software have said nothing in this regard, however they should respond to such important points before corporate world start banning the use of this software for official dealings.

The software purchase will take away $4.99 from your pocket but give you a better return especially if you too have a habit of forgetting phone at home. Lastly, keep looking for the updates of the software since it is expected to evolve further.

Download the software

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