Jo-Zero Robot with impressive agility !

The area where the robots lag is their motion and flexibility. Their motion is quite slow and choppy and one can clearly define it as a typical ‘mechanical motion’. Honda’s Asimo released earlier was no exception in this regard. Although this robot could perform some impressive functions like dancing, climbing, running etc (That’s why it costs about $1 million) but the element of human-like continuous motion ,without jerks, still seems to be a missing link.


image: Honda’s Asimo Robot

But the good news is that a lot of research and development have been going on Robotics motion. Japan-based Himeji Softworks have released a new baby robot called "”JO-ZERO”. Although, the agility is still not as that of humans, yet it is quite impressive.


image: Jo-Zero Robot

The fact that Jo-Zero is impressive is because of two reasons. First, its back is bendable which is quite a new concept not yet seen in other robots. Second, its legs can be raised very high making it highly flexible as compared to other robots to date. Truly, agility was the main area especially targeted for Jo-Zero, for the same reason there are 20 joints on this robot and it weighs sweet 800g. Impressive! right?

Following is a video demonstration of Jo-Zero, the most impressive of its actions is the ability to cross the obstacle. You surely will like the strange method used by it. Write to us your views about this robot.

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