Headphones that can stop Noise from annoying you!


image: BOSE QC15, noise reducing headphones

That’s definitely a good news for those who are having trouble with the noise around them. I have found it to be the most annoying thing if you want to listen to the songs with a low volume but the surrounding noise get mixed up and ruin the music. So, BOS QC15 has just come to a rescue.

QC15 distinguishes the noise with the actual sound you want to hear. So, you can hear people talking (Very low voice) while not listening to the traffic sound effectively. But, I would never use it for that purpose, by the way, since you seem like operating an airplane while wearing these giant headphones. However, in terms of listening to the music, it is no doubt a classic.

The following video demonstrates how these headphones actually work. Check that out!

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