Guns and bullets to store your data

Those of you who are real fan of guns will surely love to store their computer data into weapon like USBs. We have two gadgets if you like this stuff; one is a little machine gun USB and other is its ammunition which is also a USB in a disguise.


Image: (Up) Machine Gun USB, (Down) Bullet USB

To me, machine gun looks so weird and it’s not comfortable to carry with you. Secondly,except the grip portion, nothing is useful. From snaps I guessed the bullet would have a less weight but I found it vice versa. The machine gun weighs 30g while the bullet weighs 70g, more than twice the weight of the gun.

Now to the data storing facts, baby machine gun stores 4GB of data, not so bad. Bullet USB has given us a set back as it’ll store only 2GB. It’s a well said couple as the features suggest with respect to weight and data storage capacity. Alone, none of them seems to be a perfect gadget.

We have presented both the gadgets in one go but they are available from different stores.

Buy Machine Gun USB

Buy Bullets USB

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