Get rid of old fashioned vacuum Cleaners; Get escargot

You think your vacuum cleaner looks like a spaceship which is quite heavy and doesn’t have a good look to fit in your home environment? Then, it’s right time for you to replace your cleaner with Toshiba Escargot. As the name suggests, the cleaner has a snail like appearance. Check it in the following snap:


image: Toshiba Escargot Vacuum Cleaner

Escargot Cleaner is a product of combined efforts from Toshiba and Electrolux. The weight of this device is only 2.1Kg but don’t underestimate it with the size and weight, this device has cyclone vacuum inside with high suction rate, so it is going to perform better than the traditional vacuum cleaners. It has a shoulder strap through which it can be rolled around with comfort.

Apart from comfort, we hope its sexy look will appeal most of the people and you will not be ashamed doing your housework with it, rather you will do the work with style. That’s a perfect way to go in this modern world. Right?

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One Comment

  • IZ says:

    Not bad, hope Toshiba would have a longer duct with it so that we don’t have to sit on the carpet to use it … 🙂 …

    nice one though

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