Floating apartments to be built in Holland!


image: Floating Apartments in Holland

As we know, Holland is a country whose 27% of the area and ,amazingly enough, about 60% of the population lives below the sea level. Truly speaking, water is something which brought wealth to this country but at the same time it is a threat to the population since they face difficulties of flooding. Now, they have a good solution to their problem — floating apartments. Yes, WaterStudio is planning to built floating apartments in Holland.

The interesting fact is that these apartments will be 25% more energy efficient as compared to traditional apartments as they will be using surrounding water as a coolant. Interesting! right? We can hope they will be able to solve the problem of ever-rising tides, ideas save this world!

Here are a few snaps of what we can expect out of this seemingly crazy idea!

house-boats-futuristicfloating   houseboat-plan-designs 

images: Floating apartments in Holland

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  • IZ says:

    i didnt find any sofware>technical matter in this post …. it should either be in ‘environmental engineering’ or ‘civil engineering’

  • Adnan says:

    @IZ: The article has been posted under Tech category. The advancement in civil/environment is all about tech afterall 🙂

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