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Flashlight camcoder – A great spy tool

If the normal LED flash light is not enough for your night rounds then try this gadget called ‘FlashLight Camcoder’ which gives you an added advantage of being a camcoder capable of recording movies in dark with its night vision feature. Surely, it will allow you to collect evidence smartly in case you get into trouble somewhere. The FlashLight camcoder can record a video having a resolution of 640 x 480 at 30 FPS with its 2 Mega Pixels of camera placed in the middle of the ring of LEDs. So, with its features, it appears to me that this gadget can be a great deal for spies.

Coming to setbacks with flashlight camcoder

There is a recording distance limitation with flashlight camcoder. It can only record well at a distance of 8 ft from the object. The recording time is 3~5 hours if you record with camcoder ON while the time can be extended to 5 hours in case you have turned off the LEDs.

FlashLight Camcoder can store a lot with Micro SD

Flashlight camcoder can record videos for about 5 hours only but its memory can support 20 hours of videos (8GB of memory), so I guess you can store videos in the flashlight for a longer period before transferring them to your PC.

Result of the Camcoder

I couldn’t get a sample video recorded by FlashLight camcoder, however, following snap shows some part of the story.


Where we can use it?


  • Bouncers who need to scan a persons ID or face at the door
  • Security guards when checking belongings at access points
  • Store in your car in case of break down
  • Monitor your property at night
  • Evidence gathering
  • See into tight, dark areas–perfect for plumbers, construction, or homeowners

You can purchase this gadget for $149.95.

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