Evolution Of Apple iPHONE


It seems like Steve Jobs is thinking big now-a-days. A few years back, the release of iPHONE was a great success and till now no other phone has killed it. Then, recently iPAD came into being which seems nothing but a bigger version of iPOD but still it has made a success in the market right from the beginning. So, the bigger the better?

Now the question is what’s next? As mentioned earlier, Steve jobs is thinking big. So, here is a clue to what we will have out of Apple in next 4 or 5 years. On the eve of 2012, Apple will produce an iBoard which will be as big as your standard 15 inch LCD monitor. I hope world wouldn’t end late that year and in case it survives, Apple will release an iMat in 2014 which could be something you will use at your drawing room as an alternative to carpet; instead it will be more digital of course. What remains at Apple disposal is an idea to roll out an iPort supporting plane landings in a digital fashion. Surely, we are moving towards an all Apple era making our life digital. Wasn’t life simple when Apple and Blackberry were just fruit?


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