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Image: Cup of Espresso

I remember the first time when I went to the coffee shop. Straight in front of the menu board, I stood totally confused, thinking what to choose. Americano, Cappuccino, Cafe Macchiato, Cafe Breva, Single Shot, Double Shot and the rest I don’t remember. It looked like the whole restaurant gazed at me saying ‘what a shame! don’t know about a coffee?’. However, after a lot of blank thoughts, I choose “Double Shot” and that was my mistake I guess. That first visit pasted a yokelish image in my mind for people who love coffee shops.

After that incident, I decided to learn the types of a coffee so that next visit won’t be a night mare. So, guess what I started with the basics i-e Espresso. Now, as I have learnt it, so here is it’s definition (from WordWeb): “Strong black coffee brewed by forcing hot water under pressure through finely ground coffee beans”. That’s where one can start from.

A part from my electrifying story, if anyone of you likes a coffee but hate to go to the coffee shop, here is a gift for you : ‘’Simply Espresso’, a battery-powered Espresso machine that can make your Espresso with a little effort. The following snap shows what you will have to do to make a cup of a coffee.


Image: Simply Espresso

Simple! right? As I mentioned above, it is a battery-powered machine which means you can easily carry it away on a picnic, a must have gadget for coffee lovers. While the sellers say that this is a cheap way to make a coffee at home saving cost on expensive coffee maker machineries, I don’t fully agree. Being so cheap, it still costs $289.

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  • greg says:

    And it makes crap espresso that tastes like filter drip coffee to boot!

    Just deposit mine directly in the landfill, please, and eliminate the middleman.

  • Jeana Davie says:

    I’m thinking about purchasing a coffee bean grinder, but there’s so many different things to take into consideration, many of which I’ve never even heard of before, things like: How long does it take to actually grind the coffee beans? Can I grind a lot of beans at one time? Is the coffee grinder electric or manual? Is the coffee grinder a space saver? How many coarness levels does the grinder have, ie; fine, ultrafine or coarse, medium coarseness. How was the cost of a grinder? What is difference in the most expensive grinder to the less expensive grinders? Can you use any flavor of coffee to grind? Does the coffee bean grinder come attached to a coffee maker? Will the coffee grinder have a preset timer- along with a automatic shut off?

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