easiest way to Change your DNS to google DNS Servers

At the start of this month, Google announced its free DNS service. You can read about the announcement here. At that time, I included the method to change your DNS address to Google but what if you have some wireless connection like WiMAX or CDMA EvDO and want to change the DNS address? The difficulty in some of these ISPs is that they issue a new public address to your PC every time you reset your internet connection and with that the DNS address also gets reset to ISP default. Even if some techs change the DNS but the majority still don’t have skills for this. So, “Google DNS Helper” comes to rescue.

“Google DNS Helper” is a simple tool which allows you to change your DNS address to Google and restore your original address whenever you wish.


image: Google DNS Helper v 1.1

Just two buttons on the tool, one to switch to Google DNS Server and other is to restore your original DNS. Easy! right?

Download Google DNS Helper v1.1 

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