Download Touch Based Timepass Applications For Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Mobile

This time it is the Indians who are showing their presence in the show. The official Nokia India website has many touch based application for Nokia 5800 Mobile. Some of the application that can be found are; Touch Guitar, Touch Piano, Touch Drummer and Touch Flute.

One may think that these applications have no real purpose or further application, this is true because these are only time pass applications for Nokia 5800.

A brief description of the applications is discussed below;

Touch Guitar for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Mobile:


Touch Guitar contains 126 different chord combinations and gives the user the option to choose from three different types of guitars, including an Electric guitar to choose from. The application works, as the name says by touching the strings on the screen to produce sound. It gives a real time experience of a guitar. Furthermore it has some preloaded songs in it as well.

You can download this application by following the link below;

Download Touch Guitar for Nokia 5800 Mobile

Drummer for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Mobile:


This application too, like Touch piano works by touching the screen to produce the sounds of drums on your Nokia 5800 mobile. One can even choose from four funky skins for their drums. Real drum sound can be experienced. It also has some pre-loaded songs in it.

This application can be downloaded by following the link below;

Download Drummer for Nokia 5800 Mobile

Touch Piano for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Mobile:


If you are tired of listening to loud sounds of a drum so can also sooth your ears by melodious sounds of a piano using you phone. It can be done by Touch Piano which gives you real time experience of a piano. The piano has 17 keys and some pre-loaded songs as well. It is equipped with five different instrument sounds such as, piano, violin, flute, saxophone and guitar. To personalize you piano one has the option to put skins to it.

Touch Piano can be downloaded by following the link below;

Download Touch Piano for Nokia 5800 Mobile

Flute for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Mobile:


This is the best application, my favourite. By this application your Nokia 5800 will turn into a real flute. It works by blowing air into the microphone and tapping the holes displayed on the screen. This is the closest to reality application which is sensitive to breath, movements of touch and produces real sounds. It too has different skins. It can be downloaded from the following link;

Download Flute for Nokia 5800 Mobile

All the above mentioned applications can be downloaded to your PC and then installed on to your mobile using either PC suite or Bluetooth.

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