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Internet has truly become a medium for collecting useful information about a product before deciding to buy it. Mostly people read several online blogs to collect data and then compare products before making a purchase. That’s of course true for digital cameras as well but truly speaking its quite a hectic job to compare cameras by gathering information from several sources. To make your work comfortable with cameras, use Snapsort which is an online tool to compare cameras.

The tool has an easy to use interface offering you to enter the models for the cameras you want to compare.


Just enter the model for Camera A and Camera B and then hit Compare button, the detailed analysis will appear in front of you. If you don’t have any camera model in mind, hit Random button to get a random comparison of any two cameras or choose from the popular comparisons listed under the compare/Random button. The comparison will be on the basis of features like optical zoom, weight, focus distance, mega pixels, LCD display, light Sensitivity, flash memory and lastly the resolution in which the video is recorded. It will also show you the snaps of both the cameras allowing you to choose the smart one if you weight smartness in the comparison. After listing the above mentioned features of both the cameras, it will choose a winner out of the two and list its pros and cons and the specifications at the same time. The pros and cons section will display the ratings of different features like an optical zoom of 10X (360mm) gets a rating of 3.5/5.0.

Well, loser party also gets some space at the end of the comparison as the pros/cons and specs for the loser camera will be shown at the end of the result.

There are definitely some important comparison results missing like the developers could upload the photos taken from both the cameras so that the user can check the result himself. Secondly, you don’t always have two cameras to decide from. So, the research could be extended to three or even four cameras. Thirdly, there is no link included in the comparison result from which you can gather further information or purchase the product.

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