Charge your electronics devices wirelessly through pOWERMAT


Image: POWERMAT charging iphone wirelessly

It’s true that technology is advancing at an extremely fast pace but there are some areas where the advancement is somewhat sluggish. Energy charging devices for home use is one of those areas. However, after reading this article, you will surely feel that things have started to move on in this area as well and the idea is to go wireless while charging. POWERMAT is not  a perfect wireless device which you might be expecting but still it is wireless in the sense that you are not required to plug wire to your device like iphone. However, the mat uses a cord.

With POWERMAT you will have to get a case for your device which allows phone to charge without any cord or you have an option to buy a holder which will be placed on a mat and when you put the device to the holder, it will start charging. Checkout the following video demonstration for POWERMAT:

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