Charge multiple gadgets at the same time with Callpod Chargepod


Having too many power hungry gadgets and yet a few of the ports to charge them up? Previously I introduced a Super USB hub which was capable of charging multiple gadgets but of course all with a USB interface. What if you have ten gadgets and all with different input interfaces? You surely would be requiring a Chargepod.

That’s a second Chargepod we are having, the first one charged 6 phones at the same time and it was about $50 gadget. The upgraded Chargepod will charge variety of gadgets simultaneously but all that will happen at an increased cost.

The truth is that in our times everyone has many gadgets but fewer ports to charge them up. So, Chargepod will definitely give a big relief. It will juice up your iPhone, smart phone, laptop, camera and a lot more devices. All these devices will connect to the device simultaneously and the device will itself take a single outlet.

The Chargepod V2™ is the world’s most versatile and powerful multi-device charger and docking system for PC / Mac laptops and mobile devices. It utilizes a three-sided functional design to support simultaneous operation on all sides of the device:
Side 1: Charges one PC/Mac laptop.
Side 2: Charges three small devices such as a cell phone, MP3 player, PDA, Bluetooth headset, digital reader, NAV unit, etc. and one high input device such as a video camera, portable DVD player, digital camera, etc.
Side 3: Has a 3-port USB 2.0 hub for data transfer such as downloading music, data files etc. or for connecting various peripheral devices to your PC/Mac laptop such as a keyboard, mouse, jump drive.
Chargepod V2 utilizes device-specific adapters – the same ones used for the award-winning Chargepod® – so you can customize it to meet your exact needs.


Price was definitely a setback for me since a device like that could be made at a lesser price. However, this gadget will cost you $200 and if you want to take the cable tips, each of the tips will take away $10 from your pocket.

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