Cell phone, GPS & Watch all on your wrist – Aerotel GeoSKeeper

A Finish firm called EcoTec has designed a gadget called Aerotel GeoSKeeper which is a combination of cell phone, GPS and has a built in Distress Alarm. All these things combined into a single unit sounds complex but the designers have made sure that the gadget is simple to use and is handy.


Aerotel GeoSkeeper has new geofencing technology in it which enables the user to locate his/her exact location and inform the remote monitoring centre as per their wish. This is a good feature for both the elderly and scared parents.

It also has GSM/GPRS modules through which one can use it as a cell phone. Its speed dial feature enables one to dial numbers. So now the problem of locating your position, and keeping a cell phone have been resolved.

Aerotel GeoSKeeper is independent of the user’s age. Which means it does not have anything to do with the maturity level or age of the person. The credit goes to the GeoSKeeper a product of EcoTech. It helps you send your location, communicate and even sound and alarm in the control room. All this can be done regarless of the user’s location and time of the day.

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