Bring Wii feeling to your PC with K46 Wireless PC remote


Image: K46 Wireless PC remote with motion sensor

If you are not a gesture person, then surely you will look pretty awkward giving presentation in a stand still position. Unfortunately, the motion around the hall is restricted by the use of mouse/keyboard if you require flipping a power point slide or wanting to do some operation otherwise. However, now you can do it in a style with K46 Wireless PC remote, making your presentations effective.

K46 is a wireless Wii remote which can be used to control your presentations with a motion of your wrist. That’s also like Wii? Yes, it is! Wii , in a short span of time, became a popular choice for even those who never considered themselves to be in a gaming world and now this is a gadget for them if they want to give a Wii touch to their PC as well. The Wii remote works just like a mouse except having some additional control buttons.

Coming to the comfort; nothing beats K46 as it is designed in a way that you feel comfortable with it even if you hold it for a day. More plus is of course it’s design which is similar to the design of Nintendo Wii remotes, making Wii lovers feel at home.

Other than presentations, you can control the media player with it as well which means you can stay at your bed while changing the song of your choice without having to go to your table.

This gadget will give you a setback of $40.72 but if you buy it in bulk like 5 or more, it can save you a few bucks per device.

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