Avoid distraction while listening to the music, use Stereo Neckphones


Headphones have reached to a level where the external noise can be reduced to almost zero which effectively means that you won’t hear someone beating drum at your back. (You may want to read about BOSE QC15 headphones which are a latest state of the art tech which can reduce external noise to almost zero.) Secondly, the headphones can take your job away if you are distracted and caught by your boss (an extreme decision by the boss if that ever happens). Even then, people love headphones for their capability to make you experience the musical details you never would have come across in early stereo systems.

The fact remains there; you are highly distracted from your work while wearing a headphone. To help people tackle with the issue of distraction, “Stereo Neck phones” have been unveiled.

This is the slender, lightweight dual-speaker system that rests around your neck and allows you to listen to music while you remain aware of your surroundings. It plugs into any portable audio device with a standard 3.5mm plug (compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch) with its 36" cord. Its dual 1" speakers offer a frequency range of 20Hz-20,000Hz for high-quality sound and are positioned to project sound up to your ears. With built-in volume control. The system only weighs 7 1/2 oz. and has two flexible sections on either side of the frame that enable you to adjust them for optimal comfort.

The gadget is run with a couple of AA batteries which provide a run time of 15 ~ 30 hours. Initially, I thought why this gap is too large, then a right answer came to my mind, it is because of the quality of AA batteries. So, depending on the quality of AA battery, it will provide you with some real excitement for considerably long hours.

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