Apple iPad, a revolutionary device at an unbelievable price


Apple is truly a remarkable place of geniuses who keep the world stunning by their awesome products. Just look at the latest iPad which is a dream come true situation for people around the globe. It will change the feel of the work we do in our daily lives.

iPad is pretty much similar to iPod Touch, you can call it a big brother of iPod Touch with bigger display, improved processor and much superior hardware specifications. iPad is supposed to fill the gap between the laptop and the smart phone. It uses Apple 1GHz A4 processor with custom built silicon which gives power to the device to do things at high speed. Here is what you will get from the iPad: efficient browsing, sharing photos, listening to the songs, watching videos, reading eBooks, playing games and using applications from Apps store.

Writing emails and notes is pretty much a fun. When you’ll click open the email client and start composing a message, I am pretty sure the huge virtual QWERTY keyboard will put a smile on your face. Since, the keyboard is quite large, it will not take long for users to get used to it. However, Apple has also announced an accessory called ‘Keyboard Dock’ which allows you to type using a standard QWERTY keyboard. So, all worries out!


Amazon is leading the way in the eBook reading with its Kindle. However, Apple has gone a little bit further by announcing ‘iBook’ application which shows the book shelves and allows you to read the books with just a tap on the screen. Other than that, a little button at the upper left corner of the shelve allows you to go to an iBook store fully integrated with an iBook App allowing you to choose, purchase and download the books. The book to be downloaded will be put on the shelve. Here is how the application looks like.


For those who already have iPhone, the good news is that they can use all the applications which they have downloaded for iPhone for iPad. However, there will be much more applications coming afterwards specifically for iPad using the features which it provides. Some of the applications are already in process of development for iPad like Need for Speed Shift. For game fans, it is quite amazing that iPad run games with its hardware accelerator capable of running high graphics games.

Last but not the least is the browsing experience you get from iPad. It’s just like a web in your hands being operated by a touch of your finger tips. How amazing! Isn’t it?

Now coming to price, mostly the new technology starts off with high price and with time it becomes affordable to everyone but Apple has reverted this phenomenon. iPad comes with an unbelievable price of $499 within the reach of just everyone. The detailed price list is as follows:

iPad with Wi-Fi:

16GB   Price: $499

32GB   Price: $599

64GB   Price: $699

iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G:

16GB   Price: $629

32GB   Price: $729

64GB   Price: $829

Worldwide availability for the Wi-Fi model is set to arrive within 60 days’ time. For 3G connectivity, this will be a contract-less device, where you can hook up to AT&T’s network for $15 (250GB) and $30 (unlimited) each month.

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