2011 and the New ISR Project

A new generation of bombers in engineering phase in the United States of America. This new generation bombers will apart from its task of bombing do many other things as well. These important tasks include information gathering and attacking the enemy without using explosive.


The long range, ISR/strike aircrafts might have in them the laser, devices that produce high power microwave pulses and importantly capability of invading the enemy networks electronically. The new bomber will be a mixture of the existing bombers and Lockhead martin’s RQ-170 sentinel unmanned stealth and surveillance aircrafts.

Lt. Gen Dave Deptula, Deputy chief of staff for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), says:

“Clearly, low observability is part of the [new ISR/strike aircraft] equation. It also makes sense to put ‘find and fix’ sensors on the same platform that applies the effect. And not all those effects may be kinetic. Technology has pushed us beyond [the bomber], and fiscal constraints push us toward [multi-role]. The most important part of a future bomber is not to deliver bombs but to assimilate information rapidly and translate it into decisions.”

The officials in pentagon have been careful about the development of the aircraft but I seams that they did not pay much attention to Pentagon’s Fiscal 2011 budget and five year defense plan.

Even though authorities are facing problems with funding the project, yet the requirement of USA’s operation around the world and the need to make its arsenal stronger than ever are two non-negotiable factor on which operations and ISR stand hand in hand.

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