Windows 7 – Manage settings in one place

Many people are facing difficulty in getting use-to with the new interface of Window, since the launch of Windows Vista. The locations of many settings have been changed and people find it difficult to locate setting, which are almost different from that in Windows XP. This problem has now been solved by “Windows 7 in [...]

How to stop P2P data breaches

Many companies uses peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing network to share their data with their employees within the company. But that has been the most insecure method to transfer confidential data; Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has notified hundreds of US businesses that their confidential data is seen by many unauthorized users on the web. And many [...]

How to – See & Reset BIOS Password

Having a problem in seeing your BIOS password or if you have forgotten it? Or you have bought a new computer and it is BIOS password protected? So what to do? There are so many ways through which you can reset your BIOS password, one of them is that you short circuit our motherboard battery [...]

New & exciting PC Gadgets

Every time we go to the market we find new and exciting PC Gadgets. Below gadgets are available in the market and are really very interesting. Vioguard UVKB50 – self-sanitizing keyboard People who have a phobia of germs and are always wearing gloves because they do not want to come in contact with unwanted germs, [...]

How to – set secure password for iPhone / iPod Touch

For those who are not satisfied with the four digit passcodes (for security) for unlocking their iPhone as it is not fool-proof enough, now you can make your iPhone much securer using alpha-numeric passcode provided by Apple’s iPhone configuration utility. You just need follow some steps given below to setup the passcode and then your [...]

How to Setup Google Sync For iPhone

After a long wait and using bogus applications those were used to push Google notifications, Google has finally launched its push services and has implemented on their servers (services like Calendar, Mail and Contacts). Google push services are compatible only with iPhone firmware 3.0 or above, so if you wish to use the service please [...]

How to – Jailbreak iPhone 3G 3GS 3.1.3 with Sn0wbreeze – V1.3

As reported earlier by one of our authors (Sanix) Jailbreak And Unlock Latest IPhone 3.1.3 With Sn0wbreeze 1.4, now is the time to guide you through to jailbreak iPhone 2G, 3G and iPhone 3GS on latest iPhone firmware 3.1.3 using Sn0wbreeze – V1.3. Here I would like to mention that iPhone 3GS users with older [...]

How-To: Backup the iPhone, Restore from a Backup & Delete a Backup

We had problems while trying to perform any illegal operations on iPhone; things went wrong and all information of our device is lost. It is recommended to all iPhone users to first take backup so that if things goes wrong you can at least recover your iPhone settings and information like sound setting, network settings, [...]

How to Minimize Windows 7 Media Player (WMP12) to Taskbar as Mini Toolbar (Taskband/Deskband)

Windows 7 comes up with media player 12 (WMP12), in windows 7 the icons are replaced by button on taskbar, where as earlier in windows vista with windows media player 11 (WMP11), the windows media player toolbar could be minimized as mini toolbar. But that’s not the case in windows 7, it does not allow [...]


A technology that transfers information from computers to different supporting devices is Windows SideShow. As its name makes it obvious, it is only compatible with Windows devices. The information such as email’s, calendar, news, reminder, pictures e.t.c, can be transferred to a device can be updated/transferred even if on sleep mode or if the computer [...]