How iPhone 4 is better than iPhone 3GS; Head to Head

iPhone 4 has been released, and offers some amazing features. iPhone 4 is far much better then iPhone 3Gs. Here in this post we have compared the features of iPhone 4 vs iPhone 3GS and there is no doubt the iPhone 4 is winner.

iPhone-4G           iPhone-3GS-front

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New iPhone 4 Features: Steve Jobs Unveils iPhone With HD Video

The CEO of Apple Steve Jobs started a Worldwide Developers Conference 2010 in San Francisco where he announced the next generation iPhone “iPhone-4”. Although the news of iPhone-4 leaked but Apple stayed with their plan and announced the 4th generation of iPhone model. Just like earlier when new generation of iPhone were launched the selling of old one was stopped (like first generation stopped selling by launch of iPhone 3G, and same as iPhone 3G selling was stopped after the launch of iPhone 3GS which would be sold for $99 for 2 years contract).


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Apple iPhone 4 Released: Price, Highlights and Key Features

Here is awesome news for all the iPhone users, iPhone 4 has been released. iPhone 4 contains many awesome features, it’s design is unique, brand new as compared to other iPhone 3G and 3GS.



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How to: Disable and Turn Off Aero Peek at Desktop in Windows 7

Aero Peek (also known as Desktop Preview) feature in Windows 7 can be enabled and turned on, it is feature in which all the windows is temporarily hidden so that the user’s can view the desktop, and to view the window user moves the mouse pointer to hover over the Show Desktop (a small rectangular button) at the end of the Taskbar. The hidden open windows are shown as outline or borders of all the windows on the Taskbar, allowing users to peek behind all open windows to see Desktop.


The users of Windows 7, who don’t want the Aero Peek feature in Windows 7, can easily disable and turn off Aero Peek, by just following few steps:

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How to: Remove Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) From the Registry

Hey guys are you bored and want to get rid of receiving Windows Genuine Advantage warnings on your Windows XP operating system. You don’t need to worry at all, just follow these simple steps using a quick registry fix and you can get rid of the program and its pop-ups. But be very careful while following the instruction, else your PC can be in trouble.


Steps How to Remove Windows Genuine Advantage From the Registry:

Step 1:

  • First thing you need to do is to click on “Start” button and then click “Run” icon.

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How to: get more icons in the System tray for Windows 7

Before Windows 7, it was difficult to choose what you should and shouldn’t add in Windows system tray. It is something that shows the status icons for various system elements like volume etc and the program running in the background like your anti-virus software. Earlier it was uncommon to have so many icons littered down on the toolbar. But Microsoft has made it easy for you to choose what you want to see on the Windows System Tray.

How to show more icons in the Windows 7 System Tray:

  • First click the small white arrow on the left edge of the System Tray.
  • There you’ll see system/program icons that are not configured for full-time appearance in the tray.
  • Now, click Customize.


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How to – Copy a DVD Movie to your Hard Drive

People who love to collect and store their favorite seasons, home videos etc on DVDs. What if your entire DVD collection is lost? Your dog ate al your seasons, or your kids scratched them by mistake, or any mishap happens to them!! You’ll be ending up with nothing in hand and all your precious and memorable data or things are gone…


A very simple solution to this problem is that to have a backup of all your DVDs before any mishap happens. “DVD Decrpter” a very popular application which copy an entire DVD onto your computer’s hard drive, and bypasses any copy protection mechanisms. But it has a drawback, as new copy protection algorithms are frequently being created, this application haven’t been updated since 2005. So it may cause some problem.

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Cyder: Download and Install Cydia Apps on iPhone Without Using Internet


Attention, here is good news for those iPhone users, who were unable to use Cydia due to unavailability of data connectivity on their handset, here is Cyder2 a free windows utility that allows;

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Glint Monitors Hundreds of System Resources


For Windows users, who are interested and crazy about system monitoring applications but are somehow overwhelmed that they monitor very less, only memory and CPU usage. Here is something good for you, “Glint” is a freeware and more is better system monitor.

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iSendr Shares Files Without Hosting Them on a Server for All to Access


There has been number of file sharing services, but for that you need to host your file on a central server. That can be a bit risky and many people don’t want to host their file on central server which can be seen by others. Here is a solution, “iSendr” a free web service, which instantly transfers your file directly to your friend without using any server or software.

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