What is the difference between Jailbreaking & Unlocking

The largest selling GSM phone iPhone is locked to its authorized operator’s SIM card only. To use iPhone with anyother network requires jailbreaking as well as unlocking. The difference between unlocking and jailbreaking is very simple and easy to understand. Jailbreaking makes you able to use your device functions (change wallpapers, add ringtone, or even run third-party app), but to enable your iPhone to run any GSM carrier worldwide you need Unlocking. Jailbreaking is a process by which you can open your iPhone’s file system so that it can be accessed easily from your PC or MAC.

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To use your iPhone on any GSM carrier worldwide we require unlocking the device. For example, In UK, iPhone will not connect to any carrier other than O2, unless it is unlocked. In order to use another GSM carrier in your iPhone, you need to unlock it first.

The baseband processor controls the modem, just like the iPhone OS controls the applications that you interact with whenever you use your phone. Same as iPhone firmware, baseband processor has its own separate firmware, called the baseband firmware. When we power on our iPhone, carrier information is checked by baseband firmware, which means that unlock also lies in the baseband firmware, by patching out certain bytes; we can bypass the SIM check.


In iPhone there are two partitions used by its OS.

1. Media partition (Music, movies, contacts, App Store apps etc. are stored)

2. Operating system partition (here the jailbreak lies)

The media partition is usually the size of your iPhone’s memory capacity, minus 500-600MB for the OS partition. By default, the way Apple has set up the iPhone OS, we cannot do any jailbreaking in this easily accessible partition. Jailbreak lies in the OS partition of iPhone and in order to jailbreak the phone, you have to get into the OS partition.

Jailbreaking allows iPhone users to run unofficial code on their device, other than that it enables you to download applications, mods and hacks which are available on unofficial installers such as Cydia and Rock. These installers allow you to install different themes, SBSettings, video recording and streaming applications etc.

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