Vers iPhone Wooden Cases

Vers Iphone Wooden Shell Case

Snap: Vers iPhone Shell Case

Vers iPhone Wooden Covers add new look to your iPhone

Bored of plastic casings and want to try different? Well, here we are with wooden iPhone casings which will definitely cast a magic spell to iPhone look. So, check them out and amaze your friends with a new iPhone look. You can choose between the slip and a shell case. The slip case makes your iPhone fully covered and it requires you to remove the cover to use the phone while if you use shell case you can use the phone with cover intact. No matter which cover you choose, Vers iPhone covers simply rock!

vers iphone wooden cases

Vers iPhone Wooden Covers Specialty

There is something more special about Vers iPhone cases; they are handcrafted from specific US wood. Steel pins have been added at the corners of the cover to make them strong. The fact is that the wooden covers not only provide attractive look but they have been designed to protect iPhone against any accident.

Vers-Wood-Iphone-Shell-Case    Vers Iphone Slip Case

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