Turn Your iPhone Into a Universal Remote Control With Rē

A very interesting invention is going to get a red carpet welcome by masses in a couple of weeks from now at the Annual International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). This gadget is called Rē by a Portland based company called NewKinetix. Rē is a universal plug-in accessory for iPhone that can surrogate any other remote control at home.


It works on Infra–red technology. The Rē remote control comes with an IR accessory along with an iPhone application. This combination lets you take control over anything that is controlled by a remote control. The built–in IR with the help of the iPhone application which instantaneously learns the functionalities and lets you operate any device which can be operated with a remote control without the requirement of batteries, WiFi, or any wiring. Company website states:

"The Rē™ creates a specialized remote control for each entertainment activity you want to control. Activity Remotes are automatically set up to allow you instant access to the right device buttons for watching TV, a DVD movie, or listening to a CD. If you need a special button from a Device Remote, it’s a touch away, or if you use that function often, you can make a copy of the button in your Activity"

To know more and learn about the price of the gadget, we will have to wait for the CES event.

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  • Leandra Francom says:

    Its good to see some good people keeping their site up, one of my other favorite sites quit working the other day for no appearant reason

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