Top 4 sites for downloading iPHONE cracked applications

A lot of people are downloading cracked iphone applications but surely I am not a culprit for this stuff. I am of the view that if anyone like some application, he/she should buy it from the store to give full credit to the application developer. With this thing in mind, let’s look at some top sites for downloading iphone cracked stuff.


It’s the most popular site getting about 18,990 unique visitors per day (results have been fetched from Most of the files on this website have been placed on for download. I mostly access this website but it is down many times, so try your luck! I will emphasize again that if you like any application, please buy it to give credit to the application developer.

UPDATE: has been shutdown, please read the following news.

We will soon update the best alternatives to it, so stay tuned.



That’s another big site for cracked applications getting about 1,353 unique visitors per day (results have been fetched from Here’s an extra thing here, it also tells about how to install .ipa files. I wouldn’t prefer it over due to a couple of reasons. First, the uploaded files are password protected which means you will have to extract it every time you download a new file. Many people don’t bother making a little effort in extracting the password protected file but I do. Second, the application description and the snapshots are quite less as compared to


That’s a Russian site but who cares as long as you can find a bunch of applications which you are unable to find on other sites.



It was a difficult choice to put this site to number 4 as it provides a quick interface with considerable number of applications. Its interface is similar to

Note: takes no responsibility for the promotion of sites providing cracked stuff. We emphasize everyone to buy the application from the store if they like it. The information provided above is for fun only.

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