Snappy 2.0 iPhone App Adds Video for iPhone 3GS, MMS and Geotagging Support

For those people who have jailbroken their iPhone, here is a new application for their iPhone, “Snappy” a camera app that launches quickly, without stopping or exiting from any other running apps.


  • It can be directly access from the lock screen or your iPhone
  • Just tap and hold the status bar to launch it
  • Now you can instantly take pictures

On iPhone 3GS, the latest version Snappy 2.0 allows you to not only take pictures but also supports video recording. Some features of latest version include:

  • MMS for MMS enable devices
  • Geo tapping
  • Faster image writing

More complete handling of device orientation


If Snappy looks exciting to you, you can download Snappy v2.0 from Cydia Store in BigBoss for just $1.99. But if your iPhone is not jailbreak, you need to jailbreak it else Snappy won’t work. It’s a worth trying apps if you love to take pictures and record video from your iPhone camera.

To jailbreak and unlock your iPhone:


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