SIGNAL AND LEAVE THE REST TO iPhone 4G – iPhone 4G with gesture based technology

It was a couple of years ago when a generation of cell phone was developed by Apple, leaving a bright mark on the history of cell phones. Since then it has been a tough competition amongst the giants to make the best cell phones. The competition has grown with every passing day with iPhone, Nexus, Android and many others being the competitors.

iPhone 4G

Nokia announced the symbian 3 and symbian 4 technology, Samsung coming up with a new Bada OS and Microsoft not staying behind came up with a Windows 7 phone. The question now is as to what is expected out of the Apple team.

The answer is simple, they are going to come up with something even bigger, Bigger not in size but in characteristics, design and OS but low in price if it has to compete in the market. It is a rumor that the new iPhone 4G will be cheaper and will subsequently bring iPhone 3G price down.

New iPhone is expected to be launched in June, according to Katy Huberty of Morgan Stanley. It is also expected to have gesture based technology allowing the user to not touch the phone instead make signals and the iPhone will know what to do.

Interesting new concept, Apple is always coming with something new and makes it difficult to wait for the new generation of their phone.

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