Recharge your iPhone 3G/3GS battery with Solar energy – Use Novothink Solar Surge

Novothink Solar Surge

iPhone battery timing can make you cry!

We mentioned a couple of times before that people think battery timing is the big flaw as far as iPhone is concerned. iPhone is a battery guzzler. A few long calls and you are out of energy. I introduced RichardSolo 1800 backup battery for iPhone before (Read about RichardSolo 1800) but what if you are stuck somewhere and the backup battery runs out? Woo, I guess you are in trouble then. Here, the Novothink Solar Surge comes in.

Novothink Solar Surge comes to rescue

Novothink has come up with a novel idea of a solar panel right at the back of your iPhone case. The Solar Surge will juice up your iPhone with the help of solar energy. The interesting fact is that it won’t require you to put the phone somewhere in an idle mode for it to charge, rather you can keep on using the phone while it charges with the Solar Surge. By the way, in this situation you can use iPhone very own microphones while holding up iPhone in a horizontal position.

Novothink Solar Surge – How does it work?

Solar energy is a well tested power source that is already being used around the world for numerous commercial, industrial, government and domestic applications. It is powering water pumps in African villages, weather stations in the Antarctic and satellites in space!

It works by transforming the energy from the sun into a reusable form of electricity, a process known as Photovoltaic (or PV for short). Your solar panel acts as a collecting tray, helping you catch the sun’s rays. The bigger the panel, the more energy you can collect. The energy collected is stored for your future use in a battery.

Sometimes you collect more energy than you actually need so with larger panels a voltage regulator should be fitted to control the flow of energy and prevent battery damage.

Clean and green, solar power is a renewable, sustainable and non-polluting source of energy. It is easy to see the appeal of solar power for domestic use. Low maintenance and long lasting, it is a highly cost-effective and reliable energy supply.

The Surge features an internal battery which your iPhone draws on when needed. The integrated solar panel will charge the internal battery, provided sufficient light is available. For times when adequate light is not available or when you just need a quicker charge, the USB port offers a fallback option.

iPhone Solar Surge – Light , Efficient and better for environment

iPhone Solar Surge casing is very light weight and charges the phone efficiently. It’s also good for people who are fighting with global warming; surely it will add a nice feeling of their contribution in the fight. This gadget can be bought at $79.95.


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