New iPad Accessories: iPad Film Protection | iPad Skin | iPad Suede Cases

There are reports that over 90,000 iPads have been sold on the very first day of its launch. The figure is itself regarded as a success story and more is to be expected in coming days. As iPad makes its debut, different accessories have come to the market. Lets discuss some of them.

iPad Film Protection:


iPad screen is big and so is the risks to it. You would definitely like to protect your precious electronics item against all kind of scratches. iPad film protects your iPhone from front as well as the back side against scratches. The price of this accessory is around $29.95.

iPad Skin:


It will serve the same purpose as the iPad Film except it will be wrapped all around your iPad preventing scratches. The price is the same as that of iPad Film that is $29.95 except you will get a lifetime warranty.

iPad Suede Cases:


This accessory has been introduced by ‘WaterField’. They have rolled out two cases which acts as a shock-absorber in case of a fall. So, you iPad will be absolutely safe in these cases; they have been made of Neoprene material.


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