Most Popular Free iPhone applications – 2009

All of us know that iPhone has been the most liked phone in the recent history and its application developers have been doing a great job. Presented to you here are the most popular iPhone applications and posts for the year 2009. This collection of most popular iPhone applications is not official but based on user feedback.

Release of GV Mobile and iPhone going Brain Dead

GV Mobile

iTunes application Store got an addition in April called GV Mobile. Other Google voice applications soon followed it, resulting in the removal of all Google voice applications from Application store apart from the rejection of Google’s official voice application. It was bothersome for many but the users know how to turn things their way. GV Mobile is available on Cydia for free but only for Jailbroken iPhones.

Stanza Turns Your iPhone into a Kindle, Kindle App Counters

Stanza 1Stanza 2 

Stanza got the spot light right after it was released early in 2009 and won the hearts of ebook readers owning an iPhone. The glory of Stanza was short lived, it got faded away when Kindle for iPhone was released a few months later and shadowed it. Amazon on the other hand showed interest towards Stanza and ended up buying it.

RunKeeper putting Nike+ on the Back seat

RunKeeper 1 RunKeeper 2

Nike+ did tracking for its user but it only supported iPhone 3GS where as RunKeeper performs really well and tracks one’s running, biking, walking or driving routines. It utilized iPhones GPS and mapping capabilities unlike Nike+. Above all it is free and available in Pro-versions. It is best option for people who either don’t want to buy Nike+ or do not own an iPhone 3GS.

Email and Walk safely – Say thinks to Email’n Walk


So, you get up late one morning and are now rushing through the street and have to write and email at the same time. Would you delay your email and get to office in time or write an email and get late? Here is the answer, Use Email ‘n Walk, iPhone application. It brings iPhone’s camera view in the back ground of email composition window. Letting you write your email and look who you are heading into at the same time. Easy!! Its not free, you will have to pay a little for it.

Dropbox – Navigation through files made easy

DropBox 1 DropBox 2

You have a lot of files in your iPhone and you want to go through them. This was made easy in September when Dropbox was launched. It is of great utility, one can access the synchronized files, view them and even save files to view them later, offline. It is clearly the best and favourite file synchronizing tool.



Tired of keeping a bulging wallet? CardStar is the solution. It scans and saves the bonus, discount, reward, shopper’s club and other cards as a barcode in your iPhone. Apple has received mixed reviews about CardStar but it surely takes a lot of cards out of your wallet.

Skype for iPhone

Skype 1 Skype 2

The most popular and used VoIP service Skype finally made it to the Apple’s iPhone Application Store. It is called “Skype for iPhone” and raised the excitement level of its fans to full.

Voice-to-Text made Possible on iPhone – Dragon Dictation


It is time of multitasking, a lot to do in very little time. So keep doing your work and speak what you want to have it written on your iPhone. Simply install “Dragon Dictation” Apple iPhone application to your iPhone and enjoy this facility. It does the voice-to-text transcription which can be copied to clipboard and further used upon liking.

Cook Using your iPhone – Not to Stir but to see stored Cookbooks


Food lovers this one is for you. Get “Epicurious for iPhone” and have the right of entry to over 25,000 recipes from Gourmet and Bon Appetit. It makes shopping lists for the desired recipes and takes you to the mall and all this is in your hand, iPhone. Me, being a food lover recommend it.

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