Monitor your PC screen through IPHONE

“Telescreen” is a software which allows you to monitor what’s going on, on your PC. You might be an engineer who wants to hang out after a long activity and relax with a PC monitor in your hands showing the installation progress or you might be a parent who wants to peep into what your kid might be doing on an internet, this software is made for you.

It works with a wifi, so you can monitor the screen of your PC within the wifi range. You can connect the wifi of your PC with your iphone and run the software which will detect the connection automatically. I already described a detailed process of connecting PC wifi with iphone, you might want to have a look. One problem which I faced while using the software was that I was only receiving a small square portion of my PC screen. On the other hand, the PHANTOMBILITY website claims that you will be able to monitor entire screen of your PC but I am not sure if this happens. If you use this software, please feedback if it works fine on your iphone. Please check the following snapshot of my iphone showing the portion of my screen which I was able to monitor (as I moved my cursor, the monitoring screen also moved but showed only a small portion).


The right bottom shows a green color message showing that it is connected to Adnan-PC. Initially, it will show a red message showing “not connected”, you will have to tap on a little information icon on the right bottom to make it search for a wifi connection.

You will have to install 2 softwares, one on iphone and other on PC. The software to be installed on PC is free, however you will have to purchase telescreen for iphone from iTunes.

Download supporting software for PC

Get Telescreen from iTunes Store

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