Live Stream Video Between iPhones With Knocking Live Video iPhone App

Close on the heels of the iPhone getting its first video calling service from Fring comes another app that enables live video streaming between iPhones.

Video calling service is next in line from apple right now but first there is something else, another application that has enabled live video streaming between iPhones.

knocking live video

Pointy heads Software are the first ones to develop Live Video Streaming application for iPhone called ‘Knocking Live Video’. They are the first ones to get their application approved even after using private APIs.

Apples application approval policy is against the use of private API by the application developers, if you may remember. Apple even introduced an additional layer of automation to make sure that the applications using API are sieved. An interesting story lies behind the approval of Knocking Live Video. Initially this application too was rejected on the same grounds sometime around October because of the same reasons but the co-founder of Pointy Heads was determined to take it to the Apple’s application store. He wrote a fervent email to the man incharge, Steve Jobs. He writes,

"I am writing for my fellow developers spending all of their own money, working around the clock just to post their app to your store, only to get rejected in a way that is cold and hopeless is why I am writing you today. Do it for the sake of all developers. Give them a pre-approval process, not a set of guidelines that are subjective and ultimately up to opinions and feelings. Give them a human to talk to. Imagine building the iPhone for 12 months only to have AT&T send an e-mail with no one to discussing it saying “rejected due to 3.1.2”".

It did not take much time for the authorities to take action after such an email, Meehan was contacted within a couple of days and informed that his iPhone application was approved with following comments, “Directly for the top”.

It is not a daily routine for Steve Jobs to arbitrate. But this act has opened door to bright hopes for the application developers. Recently the frustrated application developers were appeased by Apple’s Phil Schiller by explaining to them why this strict process of filtering applications was necessary in order to maintain a family friendly application store.

In order to keep the top spot Apple frantically needs to keep good terms with the third party application developers as it is one of the strongest points iPhone has, against its rival smartphones. Apple has finally taken a turn towards the application developers and is beginning to show a human face to the application approval policy. Furthermore Apple has also softened its policies on iPhone application developers. Only time will tell if Apple would be successful in keeping the application developers happy or not. Lets wait and see.

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