jailbreak firmware 3.2 through Greenpois0n – a solution for iPad jailbreak

jailbreak firmware 3.2 - ipad jailbreak

iPad is a success so far making jailbreak a lucrative deal for Dev Team

iPad is a success as far as the initial sales are concerned. There is news that more than 90,000 iPads were sold on the very first day of its launch. iPad is certainly a big market now for all the app makers and what we are forgetting here? Yes, it is a market for jailbreak Dev team as well. So, as a result they are already working on a solution for iPad jailbreak.

Greenpois0n – a jailbreak firmware 3.2 solution

Jailbreaking for iPad will be done via Greenpois0n which will jailbreak iPad running Apple 3.2 firmware. Apple started taking orders for iPad on March 15th and iPad would be delivered from April 5th onwards. Surely, Dev team would like to have a solution for iPad jailbreak before April 5th.

Who is planning this?

Joshua Hill aka P0sixninja is a person who is a member of Dev Team and claims to be working on Pad jailbreak. Actually, he is asking for donations from jailbreak fans so that he can have an iPad for his jailbreak lab work. Well, let’s see how far he succeeds with his jailbreak venture with firmware 3.2.

Let’s look at some leaked snaps for Greenpois0n



Would Greenpois0n be a tethered jailbreak?

No reports on this at this moment. However, Apple’s furiousness over jailbreaking is quite visible from the fact that they especially hired a team for stopping jailbreak. Later, they introduced iBoot for avoiding iPhone jailbreak. As a result, newer iPhones can have a tethered jailbreak only. However, two different solutions (iDongle & iKey) have been introduced for tethered jailbreak requiring physical devices for jailbreaking ,making jailbreaking a costly solution. Read about these two solutions as follows:

iDongle for tethered jailbreak

iKey for tethered jailbreak

So, with all this going on, we can hope Apple would be more conscious over jailbreaking with iPad. As a result, we are expected to see a good fight between Apple and the Dev Team over jailbreaking.


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