iPhone 4G Could Come With Touch Sensitive Back Panel Casing

Goldman Sachs Group analyst Robert Chen claimed in one of his interview to Bloomberg that the next generation iPhone could come up with 5- megapixel camera and touch sensitive casing.


In that interview Chen said that the new iPhone 4G will come up with many new innovations especially in its hardware which will be replaced with touch sensitive plastic panels, and it will be the way Apple’s magic Mouse works.

Apart from hardware changes Chen also claimed that the new iPhone will have an advanced camera (5-megapixel) and obviously an updated version of operating system.

According to the “The Korea Times” newspaper they said that there were some speculation in South Korea that iPhone 4G would be launching in April this year but Chen has declined this rumor and said that it will start in April an d will be launched sometime in June-July, but Chen didn’t mention anything about the dual core processor that was clearly mentioned in the newspaper.

Apple has made no comments on this and has declined these rumors. Do let us know about your opinion?

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