iPhone 2G / iPhone 3G can now Record Videos using iPhone Application, iVideo Camera

Application developers are doing a good job in making the Apple’s Application Store attractive day after day. It took some time to make certain things possible on iPhone, that too on the older version iPhone 2G. Now Video recording is also possible after successful live video streaming and live video broadcasting applications.

iVideo Camera 1 iVideo Camera 2

iVideo Camera revolutionized iPhone by bringing to it the option to record short videos at 3 FPS on iPhone 2G and iPhone 3G. It also has the ability to capture and save pictures and further share it on internet through socializing websited, such as facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Although a video recording application has been released but video quality is not very good with a maximum recordable length being one minute at 160×213 resolution. If you own an Apple 2G then this is a must have application as an update for this application has also been submitted which will provide better frames per second and video length.

Although massive improvements have been seen in Apple’s Application approval policies but still iPhone applications such as Cycoder had to take the an unauthorized course and be available only for users who had jail broken their iPhones. Presently iPhone has started giving warning to application developers for violations rather than simply rejecting the applications, which was the usual practice so far. iPhone application updates are coming after very small intervals and the developers do not have to wait long. It is an encouraging step taken from Apple.

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