Infinidock App for Jailbroken iPhones Lets You Enable a Horizontal Scrolling iPhone Dock

For those users of iPhone who have a lot of iPhone application installed on their iPhone, to save your time and to manage all of your application easily and not to scroll several pages and instantly launch your favorite application. Here is a solution for it. Now you can bookmark all your application which you use frequently on iPhone dock.


From the developer of popular multitasking iPhone app, ProSwitcher chpwn, here comes another application “Infinidock”, which does exactly what we talked about earlier. This application lets the jailbroken iPhone users to add as many icons as they choose to their iPhone dock without cluttering their interface. On the dock the app are horizontally aligned and it’s up to you how many app should be visible at a time. By swiping you can easily view other app on the dock.

The note about the jailbreak app by the developer reads:

"Full dock customization: scrolling, adjustable icon amounts, and more! Add as many icons as you want, and the dock will grow to accommodate them, and set how many you want on every page. The ultimate dock customization tool, by one of the developers of ProSwitcher. Please report all bugs and submit all feature requests via email so we can take a look!"

On Cydia the Infinidock app is now available for $0.99. Do let us know about your experience and your opinion about this app.

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