iBluenova Lets iPhone Users Send and Receive Files Over Bluetooth

MeDevil has launched an iPhone app iBluenova, it is a successor of iBluetooth. iBluenova’s beta version has been released and given to some selected beta testers. This iPhone app allows the users of jailbeoken iPhone to transfer files via Bluetooth. Since iPhone’s launch there were some features which were missing, thanks to Medevil to make it possible.


MeDevil has made everything possible, iBluenova will allow users to transfer any file to any other devices and a built-in file viewer which allow user to send any file on their iPhone via Bluetooth.

iBluenova is available for free but only for the first 15 days, after that you need to download its license to use this app. The users which have bought its old version only need to upgrade it and that also for free.

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