How to – set secure password for iPhone / iPod Touch

For those who are not satisfied with the four digit passcodes (for security) for unlocking their iPhone as it is not fool-proof enough, now you can make your iPhone much securer using alpha-numeric passcode provided by Apple’s iPhone configuration utility.


You just need follow some steps given below to setup the passcode and then your iPhone or iPod Touch will have a fool-poof security.

How you setup more secure passcode for iPhone or iPod Touch?

Step 1:

First you need to download iPhone Configuation Utility, for windows or Mac.

Step 2:

After downloading, launch the application from the left pane select “Configuration Profiles”.


Step 3:

Now click the “new” button on the left pane of toolbar.


Step 4:

Now you will see some sections on your screen. From there click on “General” then fill the information required in the boxes under “identity” area. Enter your name in the “name” box and your identity in the “Identity” box.


Step 5:

After filling the entire information then click on the option “passcode”, it will show a message to configure the passcode. Click the button “configure”


Step 6:

Now click “Require passcode on device” and select the setting according to your own choice like minimum passcode length, passcode age, number of failed attempts etc.


Step 7:

After you are done, click “export” button on the toolbar.

Step 8:

“Export configuration profile” box will open, from the drop down menu select “none” then press “export”.


Step 9:

A message to save the configuration file will be prompted, save it. After saving, send this file as an attachment to your email address, which can easily be accessible from your iPhone.

Step 10:

Now from your iPhone open your email, download the configuration file attachment.

Step 11:

Now install the configuration file.

Step 12:

A message will be prompted asking you to change the pascode, enter the new passcode to complete the process, in order to meet you new requirements in your profile.

If you want to disable the profile you can do it anytime, but you need to remember one thing that once disabled you cannot recover your passcode. You can disable your profile from your iPhone by following simple steps:

  1. Go to “settings”
  2. “general”
  3. “Profiles”
  4. Then click “Remove” and “confirm”

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