How to – Remove Cydia Ads and experience better speed

Since we all want Cydia be installed on our iDevice as the application store has grown its popularity in last couple of years. In Cydia apart from the store, individual repositories are also making money through ads displaying on each page we browse. To experience better speed while browsing Cydia pages its better to remove these ads. Following is an easy way to do it. . .

To undergo with the following procedure you need to SSH into your iDevice and reach the path /Applications/Cydia/. Find file package.js and take backup (incase you need to revert back to see the original configuration) of this file. Now open file package.js and search for var depiction = package.depiction;

Remove_Cydia_ads 1

Edit the highlighted portion as shown in the picture from depiction = package.depiction to depiction = null

Remove_Cydia_ads 2

Save your copy and place it back to /Applications/Cydia/ (Note: overwrite the original file that is originally on this path). That is all. . . restart Cydia application and enjoy. . .

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