How to install themes on a jailbroken iphone

The following is a step by step process for installing themes on a jailbroken iphone.

Step 1) Install WinterBoard on your iphone. You’ll have to install it from Cydia if not already there.


NOTE : If you already have a winterboard on your iphone, skip to step 2

Step 2) Install Microsoft Dot Net Framework from the following link, if you already have .Net Frame 2.0 or later, skip to next step

Download .Net Framework

NOTE : If you already have .Net Framework installed on your PC, skip to Step 3.

Step 3) Download iphone Explorer from the following link:

Download iphone Explorer

Install it on your PC, its quite simple. (Read a review of iPhone Explorer)

Step 4) Open up iphone explorer; it will ask you to choose the root, choose the first option as shown in the following snap:


Step 5) Go to Library>>Themes, the rest is drag and drop. If you get an error ‘iphone explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close …’. Click here to find a fix.

Close winterboard, the iphone will automatically change its theme to a new one. Enjoy a new look!!



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