How to install cracked applications on IPHONE


image: Cydia main window.

To install the cracked applications, you must have a jail broken phone. If you want to check out the process of jail breaking, check here. The step by step process for installing a cracked application is as follows:

Step 1: Run Cydia and tap on the “Manage” tab as shown in the above snapshot.

Step 2: Choose “Edit” and then “Add”.

Step 3: Enter the following URL in the box.



After entering the URL, tap “Add Source”. Cydia will download the packages from an internet.

Step 4: After that, come to the main window of Cydia and tap “search” tab.

Step 5: Search for “AppSync” and install it.

Step 6: Restart your iphone.

Step 7: Download cracked applications from the concerned sites. If you want help downloading cracked applications, click here.

Step 8: After downloading .ipa files, run iTunes. Drag the downloaded application to the “Application” section of the iTunes software.


Step 9: Choose your iphone device on iTunes software and click “Sync” to install the application to your iphone.

Step 10: Run the application on iphone and enjoy !

Note: TechSkipper doesn’t encourage cracked applications. If you like any application, please purchase it from iTunes store to give full credit to the developer. The above information has been provided for educational and fun purposes only.

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