How to disable application notifications on IPHONE

Well most applications give user a choice to turn the notifications ON/OFF in the first access but on some, the notifications are ON by default which is somewhat annoying for many. Yes, not everybody want to get alerts. So, if you are one of them, the following procedure will guide you to get rid of these notifications.

Step 1: Go to Settings as shown by the following icon on your iphone:


Step 2: Go to “Notifications” as shown by the red rectangle.


Step 3: Choose the application for which you want to disable the push notifications. Here I will disable the notifications by the application “Christmas Count Down” which sends push messages regarding  remaining time until Christmas day.

image .

Step 4: Turn the notifications off by tapping the blank half of the rectangle showing “ON” at the moment.


It’s done! The application won’t annoy you any more.

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