How-To: Backup the iPhone, Restore from a Backup & Delete a Backup

We had problems while trying to perform any illegal operations on iPhone; things went wrong and all information of our device is lost. It is recommended to all iPhone users to first take backup so that if things goes wrong you can at least recover your iPhone settings and information like sound setting, network settings, text messages, contacts, notes etc.


More on how to create a backup, restore from a backup and deleting a backup and a difference between backups and syncing. Apple has published a Knowledge Base Article from iPhone and iPod Touch owners in which everything very clearly defined.

Here is what Apple has to say about the difference between Syncing and Backups:

"You can use iTunes to sync content on your computer (such as music, podcasts, videos, ringtones1, photos, email account settings, contacts, calendars, and bookmarks) with your iPhone or iPod touch. Syncing makes sure this content is the same on your iPhone or iPod touch and computer. You can also use iTunes to create a backup of settings and certain other information on your iPhone or iPod touch to use in case you want to restore the software on your iPhone or iPod touch or transfer this information to a different device. Backup information includes information such as mail settings, text messages, notes, call history, contact favorites, sound settings, widget settings, certain network settings, and other preferences."

If you need more details and information regarding how to create a backup, restore from backup and deleting a backup, let us know by emailing us, or you can leave a comment.

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