How to Activate Video Camera in iPhone 2G/3G OS 3.0

Before I start I must inform you that the post is to activate (swap you native iPhone still camera to record just videos) video camera so please bear in mind we are not talking about recording with your iphone 3G 2G on OS 3.0. 2G and 3G users will also be able to do that as we are currently working on it. This post is a preview of native video recording application included in iPhone 3G S.  We’ll publish the every latest news so stick with us on For you reference to activate the camera you need a jailbroken iPhone 3G S running OS 3.0 and SSH client (WinScp for Windows and Cyberduck for Mac). Warning please do this only if you are aware of SSH, WinScp, iPhone File system etc.


Download These Files :

  1. M68AP.plist
  2. Any .mov video file (for test run on you iPhone)

Procedure to Activate Video Camera in iPhone 2G/3G OS 3.0 :

  1. Download the M68AP.plist file as provided to your PC and connect your iPhone 3GS via SSH and navigate to/System/Library/CoreServices/
  2. On the specified folder find the original M68AP.plist file and rename it to M68AP.bak.plist file(As a Backup) and leave it on your iPhone, or you can also save a copy on your PC for for backup. Now copy the newly downloaded M68AP.plist file from the link given above into your iPhone on the same location where original file was saved previously.
  3. Move the video (.mov file) that you have with you to / var/mobile/Media/DCIM/100APPLE . . . iPhone will only play .mov files.
  4. Now respring your iPhone from SBSettings.
  5. Start the camera and click the button at the bottom left to open Camera Roll. You’ll have a new subdivision “All Photos and Videos” and by clicking you can also start the movie that you have previously (IMG_0011.MOV) uploaded.
  6. Now you can select the area you are interested in and trim the movie.

Note: This operation will disable your iPhone’s Still Camera. To re-enable the still camera, you have to restore the original M68AP.plist file (As you’ve already taken the backup) by deleting the M68AP.plist file you uploaded and then rename M68AP.bak.plist file again to M68AP.plist. Again respring your Springboard and your still camera will be activated.

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